Funerals At St Marys

As a parish church we welcome the funerals of departed parishioners, and of departed worshippers from any of the churches of the parish, and will do whatever we can to accommodate them.

Due to the size of the building we are open to the provision of large funerals from other parishes, when the parish churches in question are unable to accommodate the required numbers. However, in every event the funeral must be conducted by an Anglican priest; this may be the parish priest of the departed person, or one of our own priests. It is sometimes possible that our priest may be assisted by ministers of another denomination, but families are asked to understand that St Mary’s is a parish church and not a building for hire. Our acceptance of a funeral from another parish is entirely discretionary and subject to availability. Our priority is to serve our parishioners and the needs of our parishioners will always take precedence.

Should you be looking to keep a family funeral at St Mary’s our usual first contact is through the funeral directors. Our local funeral directors are all aware of the protocols and availability of St Mary’s, and will advise you appropriately.

If you have recently lost a loved one please be assured of our prayers for all the departed, as for the living.